About us

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build successful products & services

C-TECHC-TECH is a technological partner able to provide Feasibility Studies, Engineering of Complex Systems, Manufacturing , Commissioning and related After Sales Service.

The activities are coordinated by long-experienced Project Managers in the field of Automotive and Aerospace production plant projects. Our quality management system is certified by DNV (since 1997) according to ISO9001:2015. The systems supplied follow the highest quality standards with the use of “best in class” components, supplied by the most important multinationals in the sector (Siemens, Bosch, Parker, Moog, Festo, Pilz, etc.).

Great importance is given to the aspects of Machine Safety (Directive 42/2006/EC) and to everything related to the law 81/2008. Our collaborators are among the most qualified on these fundamental aspects of the engineering of complex machines and equipment.

We work constantly in close collaboration with our customers in the development of the production process of particulars of considerable complexity and functional importance: our references are our best business card and the first reason of pride for our team.

PASSION for the mechanic technology, the COMPETENCE in the matter, the innovation of the equipment, the PREPARATION and the MOTIVATION of our staff are the reasons for the excellence of the results achieved up to now.

Carminati Group

It is the historical “backbone” of the group, able to offer high-level engineering, precision machining, dimensional checks and assembly of special machines and equipment: it is the trusted partner of the most important multinationals in mechanics for over fifty years. from which it has acquired the know-how in the fields of metallurgy and power transmission, special machines, assembly lines and robotics, components and structures for seismic engineering, assembly stations and equipment, test benches for the automotive and aerospace sectors.


Specialized in the design and construction of special gearboxes for all sectors and able to extend post-reducer devices , such as reels, shears and straighteners. It is also on the market as a trusted partner to carry out revisions and upgrades of the gearboxes, combining the classic design with a R&D department that is able to face more complex design situations, which require in-depth engineering.


With a staff of decades experience as Automation Solutions Providers, Grinding and Polishing machines, R&D and Testing, among with an innovative and modern design of machinery and automatic systems, C-TECH is the partner on which to rely, able to supply the best automation for the benefit of a production more flexible and economical.


Engineering and Project Management dept.

A team of qualified and well-motivated experts make up the essential framework of the Carminati srl Technical Office.

The experience gained over the years allows us to face and develop the customer’s request in a pragmatic and purposeful way. Our commercial proposals are accompanied by detailed technical descriptions, in response to customer specifications and, if possible, integrated with suggestions or options.

The design is performed with 3D systems of the main multinational companies in the sector. As an example, we can manage and elaborate mathematical models coming from CATIA, SolidWorks and Autodesk.

In addition to 3D design and 2D detail design, we perform FEM analysis using ANSYS or other SW applications.

Finite element analysis is now an integral part of the design process. This tool can be used for different purposes:

  • Preliminary calculation during design
  • Verification at the end of the design
  • Optimization of existing products, in terms of weight, materials and functionality


The FEM analyzes we are able to offer are of different types:

  • Linear analysis
  • Non-linear analysis
  • Modal analysis and frequency response
  • Instability analysis (buckling)
  • Thermal analysis
  • Fatigue analysis

Experimental analysis, non-destructive testing, measurements: when we want to validate a mathematical model (be it FEM or other), for example to use it on different products of the same range, we rely on experimental analyzes to measure the real data obtained on the actual piece: these tools allow us to understand the adherence of the model to reality.

Our team

Maurizio Carminati


Mechanical Engineer.

Since nineties in charge of bioengineering and mechatronic project.

Owner of DIDELME ENGINEERING srl (1989-2008), developing engineering and automation projects.

President of the board at CARMINATI srl (2004-now), engineering, machining, dimensional control and assembly.

President at DIDELSE srl (2015-now), special gearboxes and service.

Fabrizio Cattaneo

Project Manager

Specialist in Mechatronics and Automation, for more than 30 years Manager of Technologies and Business related on behalf of Multinationals and related Companies.

Responsible for the Engineering development and Project management for the Automation dedicated to the Automotive and Aerospace market.

Solution provider for the Research and Development systems in the University and Industrial market.

Attorney for the 2006/42/CE Compliance.