R&D – Testing

The general definition of “testing” is the Engineering phase that supported by specific apparates have as main scope to find out how well something works, how it works, and how reliable is it.

In terms of human beings, testing tells what level of knowledge or skill has been acquired. The Flight Simulators are the example for a machine that test the Human Skill. Not only this, the simulators are the best way to create a Fault, a crash and any other bad factor that happen on a “machine”. This is the best way for a Research & Develope department to decrease the time to “market of a product” and in meanwile to increase the product reliability and human Safety.

C-TECH, Carminati Group, thanks to a decade dedicated into developing of important Testing machine for the Aeronautic Industrial Sector and the University Laboratories, is the ideal Partner for to develope Testing applications.

We are used to start by the Concept, up to the Engineering, the Manufacturing and commisioning of “turn key” solutions.

As per example, in the recent years, we were involved in developing test benches or Machine for:

6DOF test table

for the Heartquake Simulation on buldings.

3DOF kinematic

for the Heartquake simulation on buildings beams and facades.

Hydrostatic PAD Bearing

installed on a 6DOF Press Sistems, for testing the shock absorbers that are used in the buldings or bridges.

Aeronautic Test Bench

comon named “Iron Bird”, for the validation of the whole Hydraulic Actuators Architecture, Hardware, Software, that are Installed on Airplanes or Helicopters.

Aeronautic Test Bench

for the validation and testing of single Hydraulic actuators that are mounted on Airplanes or helicopters.

Automotive test benches

for the validation of the components that will be installed in the future on the new cars models.